Título Creation of integrated events: the case of Cervezas Victoria at Malaga Carnival
Autores CRISTÓFOL RODRÍGUEZ, FRANCISCO JAVIER, Galmes-Cerezo, Maria , Cristofol-Rodriguez, Carmen
Publicación externa Si
Medio Rev. Mediterr. Comun.
Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Fecha de publicacion 01/07/2019
ISI 000492864400006
DOI 10.14198/MEDCOM2019.10.2.12
Abstract Events have become the best option for reaching consumers and brand-users. This project expounds the precedents and methodology around the creation of integrated events, proposed by Galmes and Argudo (2016). Furthermore, it seeks to present the evolution of marketing communication strategies associated with the integration of channels and the creation of experiences. To this end, the campaign conducted by Cervezas Victoria at Malaga Carnival (Spain) in 2019 was analysed. This campaign combines both off-line and on-line media, being the largest diffusers and transmitters of the brand values. The values are transferred from the brand to the city event and subsequently in return. Hence, this interrelationship and synergy facilitate the creation of new communication modes. These modes and the results are presented in the conclusions.
Palabras clave Digital Media; integrated Advertising; Integrated Events; Malaga Carnival; Online Advertising; Victoria Beers
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