Título Cyberbullying experience among adolescents and its effects of Internet use
Autores TORRECILLAS LACAVE, MARÍA TERESA, Vazquez-Barrio, Tamara , Suarez-Alvarez, Rebeca
Publicación externa No
Medio Rev. Icono 14
Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Cuartil SJR 2
Impacto SJR 0.34300
Fecha de publicacion 07/04/2022
ISI 000791417400001
DOI 10.7195/ri14.v20i1.1624
Abstract The purpose of the research is analyzed young\'s digitalization features and their consequences in online behaviour. The point of departure is analysis of survey results on digital media use, risk perception and competences made young people between Spanish 12-to-18 years (n = 865). In the second phase, data have been pushed ahead with qualitative study based two discussion groups, one male and one female of ten participants each between 15-to-18 years old. Cyberbullying is an extended practice in social networks for both boys and girls and, although there are no differences in access to the network and in digital skills, cyberbullying experiences impact on online behaviour boys and girls differently and its puts girls in a position of greater vulnerability. In the case of girls, these experiences of risk entail a greater feeling of vulnerability and fear and lead to self-censorship, so that these aggressions limit their ability of participation in network. This study highlights the need to promote media literacy that sensitizes on the damage caused by cyberbullying, reduces the forms and prevalence of these abuses, especially in girls, reinforces girls\' confidence in the network and reduces gender stereotypes.
Palabras clave Internet; youth; adolescents; gender; cyberbullying; social networks
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