Título Emotional intelligence and psychological maladjustment in adolescence: A systematic review
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Medio J. Adolesc.
Alcance Article
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Fecha de publicacion 01/06/2014
ISI 000336712500016
DOI 10.1016/j.adolescence.2014.03.012
Abstract The study of emotional intelligence (El) and its association with psychological maladjustment in adolescence is a new and active area of research. However, the diverse range of El measurements and aspects of psychological maladjustment examined make it difficult to synthesize the findings and apply them to practice. Therefore, we conducted a systematic review to summarize the relationship between El and adolescents\' emotional problems, eating disorder symptoms, addictions, and maladaptive coping. Using English and Spanish keywords, we identified 32 studies that found a negative association between El and internalizing problems, depression, and anxiety. El was also associated with less substance abuse and with better coping strategies. These associations differed slightly depending on whether El was evaluated based on self-reporting or by testing maximum performance. We highlight methodological limitations in the literature on El and adolescence, and we discuss potentially important areas for future research. (C) 2014 The Foundation for Professionals in Services for Adolescents. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Palabras clave Emotional intelligence; Adolescence; Psychological maladjustment; Systematic review
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