Título Impact assessment of a multisectoral plan for the promotion of health and social wellbeing in Andalusia (Spain)
Autores Alonso-Trujillo F., SALINAS PÉREZ, JOSÉ ALBERTO, RUIZ GUTIÉRREZ COLOSIA, MENCIA, González-Caballero J.L., Pinzón Pulido S., Jiménez González S., Gálvez Daza P., Martínez Domene M., Salvador-Carulla L., RUIZ GUTIÉRREZ COLOSIA, MENCIA, SALINAS PÉREZ, JOSÉ ALBERTO
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Fecha de publicacion 01/01/2019
Scopus Id 2-s2.0-85062152572
DOI 10.1016/j.gaceta.2019.01.001
Abstract Objective: To evaluate the impact of the Plan for the promotion of personal autonomy and prevention of disability in Andalusia (2016-2020) in 13 public administrations during the first year of its implementation; and to analyse the usability and feasibility of the impact assessment ladder used. Method: The Plan addresses the promotion of personal autonomy and the prevention of disabilities and dependencies through a multisectoral approach. It is structured in strands or lines of work, objectives and actions that have been assessed through the Adoption Impact Ladder (AIL). The analysis of the face validity, feasibility and inter-rater reliability of the impact assessment ladder was carried out in 30 actions of the Plan that were rated by 20 experts from the 13 ministries and public agencies involved in the Plan, and an external rater. Results: 176 actions and programmes were launched in 2017. Of these, 67.2% were implemented during the first year. Only one of the 16 objectives had no action initiated during the first year. Moreover, 7 out of 15 objectives implemented were fully multisectoral involving more than three Regional Ministries. The face validity, feasibility and inter-rater reliability of the AIL were good (?: 0.72). Conclusions: This Plan has provided a novel framework to coordinate a broad range of proposed policies and actions within the public administration of Andalusia. For the first time, a multisectoral impact analysis has been conducted providing an effective guide for monitoring, planning and setting public priorities in health, social services, ageing and disabilities. © 2019 SESPAS
Palabras clave Active and healthy ageing; Adoption Impact Ladder; Evaluation; Health policies; Impact analysis; Personal autonomy; Planning; Prevention of dependence; Social policies
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