Título Influence of the ICFF Decoupling Technique on the Stability of the Current Control Loop of a Grid-Tied VSC
Autores MARÍN ARÉVALO, LEONARDO VIDAL, Tarraso, Andres , Candela, Ignacio , Rye, Rebecca , RODRÍGUEZ CORTÉS, PEDRO
Publicación externa No
Medio Ieee Energy Conversion Congress And Exposition
Alcance Proceedings Paper
Naturaleza Científica
Fecha de publicacion 01/01/2019
ISI 000520543703002
DOI 10.1109/ecce.2019.8912576
Abstract The control scheme of grid-tied converters is often implemented in the dq-frame due to simplicity of design. However, with this transformation, there exists an inherent cross-coupling term between the land q-channels which is often compensated for by using a feed-forward term in the current-control loop. It is shown, by applying the generalized Nyquist criterion (GNC) to the dq-frame ac impedance of the converter, that the inclusion of this decoupling term, in fact, degrades the stability of the controller when increasing the bandwidth of the synchronous reference frame phase-locked loop (SRF-PLL). Harware-in-the-loop (HIL) experiments are also conducted and verify these results.
Palabras clave small-signal; state-space; eigenvalues; impedance-based; generalized Nyquist criterion; inductor current feed-forward
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