Título Juicio, deposición y occisión del tirano en Francisco Suárez
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Fecha de publicacion 01/01/2019
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DOI 10.17398/2340-4256.14.239
Abstract Francisco Suárez provided a series of measures to stop the tyranny. One of them is the possibility of impeaching the tyrant, which can be either done by the political community or the Pope (if the tyrant is Christian). Furthermore, once condemned by a rightful judge, Suárez proposed a special treatment for that tyrant, which supposed more possibilities of legitimate tyrannicide. In any case, in strict terms, the carrying out of the execution of the sentence (that may involve, in certain circumstances, the death of the condemned tyrant) must correspond a priori to he who dictated the sentence or to those who he delegated to. © 2019 Instituto Teologico de Caceres, Universidad de Extremadura. All rights reserved.
Palabras clave Impeachment of the tyrant; Pope's direct and indirect power; Right of resistance; Tyrannicide; Tyranny
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