Título Les neurosciences et la publicité. Une expérience sur l’attention et l’émotion dans la publicité télévisée] [Neurociência e publicidade. Uma experiência sobre atenção e emoção na publicidade televisiva] [Neurociencia y publicidad. Un experimento sobre atención y emoción en publicidad televisiva
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DOI 10.15446/innovar.v27n65.65063
Abstract Drawing attention and generating an emotional response are important factors in remembering an advertisement spot, whose study implies analyzing the psyche as these phenomena deal with the subject’s inner nature. This work presents the results of a neuroscience experiment applied to advertisement. Therefore, attention and emotional response levels (EDL and EDR, respectively) were measured simultaneously in a group of 30 individuals aged 18-22, who were exposed to 20 advertisement spots of the University of Valladolid. Results clearly show meaningful differences regarding attention and emotion based on the typology of spots, where the comic type outstands over all. In addition, the spots in English language and those not broadcasted in Spain obtained significantly higher mean values, both in attention and emotion. Furthermore, the most intense increases of EDL occurred with a loud, sudden, possibly unexpected and very different sound to the previous one. Similarly, intense decreases of EDL are in all observed cases related to moments of negative or sad content and occur at the initial moments of spots. On the other hand, EDR also show moments of sudden change in the analyzed spots. In these, the highest levels occur in the instants after the conclusion of a comic puzzle or in moments of high sound intensity. Finally, most of the moments of highest EDR occur in the context of stretches with higher EDL. © 2017 Universidad Nacional de Colombia. All rights reserved.
Palabras clave Advertisement; Attention; Emotion; Marketing; Neuroscience; Television
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