Título Standard comparison of local mental health care systems in eight European countries
Autores RUIZ GUTIÉRREZ COLOSIA, MENCIA, Salvador-Carulla, L. , SALINAS PÉREZ, JOSÉ ALBERTO, GARCÍA ALONSO, CARLOS, Cid, J. , Salazzari, D. , Montagni, I. , Tedeschi, F. , Cetrano, G. , Chevreul, K. , Kalseth, J. , Hagmair, G. , Strassmayr, C. , Park, A. L. , Sfectu, R. , Ala-Nikkola, T. , Gonzalez-Caballero, J. L. , Rabbi, L. , Kalseth, B. , Amaddeo, F. , Endel, Florian , Katschnig, Heinz , Scheffel, Sonja , Weibold, Barbara , Matosevic, Tihana , McDaid, David , Wahlbeck, Kristian , Gronlund, Niklas , Hemmila, Irja , Joffe, Grigori , Jarvelin, Jutta , Kontio, Raija , Malin, Maili , Naatanen, Petri , Pirkola, Sami , Sadeniemi, Minna , Sailas, Eila , Vastamaki, Marjut , Brunn, Matthias , Prigent, Amelie , Donisi, Valeria , Grigoletti, Laura , Hope, Oyvind , Magnussen, Jon , Cabases, Juan M. , Fernandez, Ana , Gabilondo, Andrea , Iruin, Alvaro , Jorda, Esther , Molina, Cristina , MOTRICO MARTINEZ, EMMA, Prat, Bibiana , Pereira, Carlos , Juan Uriarte, Jose , Albu, Lucian , Ciumageanu, Mugur , Chiriac, Nona , Ghenea, Dan , Musat, Simona , Oana, Cristian , Paziuc, Alexandru , Pauna, Carmen , REFINEMENT Grp
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Medio Epidemiol Psychiatr Sci
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Fecha de publicacion 01/04/2019
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DOI 10.1017/S2045796017000415
Abstract Aims. There is a need of more quantitative standardised data to compare local Mental Health Systems (MHSs) across international jurisdictions. Problems related to terminological variability and commensurability in the evaluation of services hamper like-with-like comparisons and hinder the development of work in this area. This study was aimed to provide standard assessment and comparison of MHS in selected local areas in Europe, contributing to a better understanding of MHS and related allocation of resources at local level and to lessen the scarcity in standard service comparison in Europe. This study is part of the Seventh Framework programme REFINEMENT (Research on Financing Systems\' Effect on the Quality of Mental Health Care in Europe) project. Methods. A total of eight study areas from European countries with different systems of care (Austria, England, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Romania, Spain) were analysed using a standard open-access classification system (Description and Evaluation of Services for Long Term Care in Europe, DESDE-LTC). All publicly funded services universally accessible to adults (>= 18 years) with a psychiatric disorder were coded. Care availability, diversity and capacity were compared across these eight local MHS. Results. The comparison of MHS revealed more community-oriented delivery systems in the areas of England (Hampshire) and Southern European countries (Verona - Italy and Girona - Spain). Community-oriented systems with a higher proportion of hospital care were identified in Austria (Industrieviertel) and Scandinavian countries (Sor-Trondelag in Norway and Helsinki-Uusimaa in Finland), while Loiret (France) was considered as a predominantly hospital-based system. The MHS in Suceava (Romania) was still in transition to community care. Conclusions. There is a significant variation in care availability and capacity across MHS of local areas in Europe. This information is relevant for understanding the process of implementation of community-oriented mental health care in local areas. Standard comparison of care provision in local areas is important for context analysis and policy planning.
Palabras clave Community-balanced care; main type of care; mental health care comparison; Mental Health System
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