Título Sustainable Growth in the Agro-Food Cooperatives of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)
Autores Hernandez-Perlines, Felipe , ARIZA MONTES, JOSÉ ANTONIO, Araya-Castillo, Luis
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Medio Sustainability
Alcance Article
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Fecha de publicacion 01/06/2020
ISI 000553981800001
Scopus Id 2-s2.0-85087136042
DOI 10.3390/su12125045
Abstract The present study aims at analysing the sustainable growth in the\n agro-food cooperatives of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). To this end, the\n study examines the impact of the corporate social responsibility\n (hereinafter CSR) on the performance of the agro-food cooperatives. CSR\n is analysed based on the three dimensions suggested by the triple bottom\n line approach: Economic dimension, social dimension, and environmental\n dimension. Results are analysed using a partial least squares regression\n (PLS-SEM). The main contributions are as follows: (1) The measurement of\n the CSR through the triple bottom line approach has proven to be\n appropriate for the agro-food cooperatives of Castilla-la Mancha, as it\n presents adequate values of reliability and validity; (2) these\n dimensions make up the CSR, although the environmental dimension is the\n most relevant one for the agro-food cooperatives of Castilla-La Mancha;\n and (3) CSR positively and significantly affects the performance of\n agro-food cooperatives, as it explains 39.2% of their variance, thus\n confirming a sustainable growth model for the agro-food cooperatives of\n Castilla-La Mancha.
Palabras clave corporate social responsibility; economic dimension; social dimension; environmental dimension; performance; sustainable growth; agro-food cooperatives; PLS
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