Título The use of sequencer tools during the composition process: A field study
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Medio J. Music Technol. Educ.
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Fecha de publicacion 01/05/2015
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DOI 10.1386/jmte.8.1.55_1
Abstract This study analyses the influence that new tools and resources in popular sequencing software have over the composition process. An analysis of the different resources of a software sequencer (Cubase 7) has been combined with a field study among 220 musicians from different countries that use this sequencer. A specially designed questionnaire has been used to collect information about the frequency use of different tools, the stage of use of them and the way the use of the sequencer influences their personal and professional development. The study has evidenced that certain tools have been fully incorporated into the composition process, while others are practically not used, or its use relies on different factors. The use of the sequencer has also clear positive effects on musicians and their creative process. Finally, the field research has helped to define and characterize different kinds of workflows in the composition process.
Palabras clave sequencing software; music creation; music production; creativity; Cubase; composition process
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