Título Using Geospatial Analysis to Inform Development of a Place-Based Integrated Care Initiative: The Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods Experience
Autores Todd, Katherine , Eastwood, John G. , Fotheringham, Penelope , SALINAS PÉREZ, JOSÉ ALBERTO, Salvador-Carulla, Luis
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Medio Int J Integr Care
Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Cuartil JCR 3
Cuartil SJR 1
Impacto JCR 2.91300
Impacto SJR 0.61400
Fecha de publicacion 01/04/2021
ISI 000681324200002
DOI 10.5334/ijic.5430
Abstract Introduction: Disadvantaged families experience many barriers to accessing health and social care. The Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods (HHAN) Integrated Care Initiative was developed to address these barriers, and ensure families have their complex needs met and are kept safe and connected to society.\n Description: A spatial epidemiology approach was taken, as part of the HHAN feasibility phase, to identify the geographical distribution of the "most vulnerable" families in Sydney Local Health District (SLHD). A literature review was conducted to identify indicators of family stress and disadvantage, and cluster and hotspot analyses were undertaken. Hotspots of family stress and disadvantage were mapped for SLHD and used to identify areas for HHAN place-based delivery, and for collaborative co-design.\n Discussion: The HHAN initiative called for consideration of context and the undertaking of collaborative design with communities. The spatial analysis provided a more accurate picture of family stress and disadvantage than previously available and provided a tool that could be used during consultation and planning activities.\n Conclusion: When planning place-based integrated care initiatives, spatial analysis of small geographic scales can allow identification of areas of concentrated or complex disadvantage that may be masked when analysis is performed on larger areas, allowing for targeted, place-based delivery of programs to those most in need.
Palabras clave social disadvantage; spatial epidemiology; place-based initiatives; planning; geographical analysis
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