Institutos de Investigación. Loyola Andalucía


The Research Institutes of Loyola University Andalusia are centers dedicated to scientific research, development, innovation and to divulging topics that require a high degree of specialization. By their very nature, they integrate multiple disciplines; the professionals involved are internationally renowned specialists. Loyola University Andalusia invites Doctoral Program students with a high scientific level and demanding standards to partake in the activities of our institutions.

The Research Institutes of Loyola University Andalusia meet the highest standards both in regard to the persons involved in them and also regarding the resources available and the results obtained. The professionals in these centers perform in a highly creative and necessarily multidisciplinary environment. The goal is not only to produce high-quality knowledge that is internationally accredited, but also to develop patentable prototypes and innovations that could effectively be transferred to society in the form of tangible and useful products and processes.

Currently, Loyola University Andalusia has two Research Institutes:

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