Institute of Social and Health Policies

This institute of Loyola University Andalusia aims to integrate scientific research carried out in the fields of Health and Social Policies with activities of knowledge transfer and support for those public and private organizations responsible for them.  To this end, the Institute integrates multidisciplinary groups of university faculty and those of other prestigious research centers.

Social and health policy research is poorly developed in our country and, in most cases, has not incorporated the new paradigms of service and decision-making. The latter is based today on the paradigm of “informed evidence”, and considers that the social-systems are complex dynamic systems whose analysis requires a multidisciplinary focus, using mixed qualitative-quantitative systems, multiple information sources and hybrid systems of data analysis. These new systems of analysis include realistic synthesis, logic models of multidimensional categorization and other systems that facilitate impact analysis and the monitoring of decision- making.

The Loyola International Research Institute for Social Policy and Health has the general objective of carrying out scientific research at the highest international level in the area of social policy and health management, as well as contributing decisively to support decision-making and in the design of policies in these areas.

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