Title A Coalitional Control Scheme with Topology-Switchings Convexity Guarantees
Authors Chanfreut, P. , Maestre, J. M. , MUROS, FRANCISCO JAVIER, Camacho, E. F. , IEEE
External publication Si
Means Ieee Conference On Decision And Control
Scope Proceedings Paper
Nature Científica
Publication date 01/01/2019
ISI 000560779001015
Abstract In this paper, we explore the concept of boundaries in the topologies transitions in a coalitional control approach. In these schemes, the links in the communication network are enabled or disabled depending on their contribution to the overall system performance. In particular, linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) are considered here to guarantee convexity between topology switchings, proving that the corresponding boundaries are described by ellipsoidal surfaces. A control scheme is proposed in this regard and its stability proven. Finally, a numerical example is considered to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed scheme.
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