Title A Multi-Terminal HVdc Grid Topology Proposal for Offshore Wind Farms
Authors Raza, Ali, Younis, Muhammad, Liu, Yuchao, Altalbe, Ali, ROUZBEHI, KUMARS, Abbas, Ghulam, ROUZBEHI, KUMARS
External publication No
Means Appl. Sci.-Basel
Scope Article
Nature Científica
JCR Quartile 2
SJR Quartile 1
Area International
Publication date 01/03/2020
ISI 000525298100281
DOI 10.3390/app10051833
Abstract Although various topologies of multi-terminal high voltage direct current (MT-HVdc) transmission systems are available in the literature, most of them are prone to loss of flexibility, reliability, stability, and redundancy in the events of grid contingencies. In this research, two new wind farms and substation ring topology (2WF-SSRT) are designed and proposed to address the aforementioned shortcomings. The objective of this paper is to investigate MT-HVdc grid topologies for integrating large offshore wind farms with an emphasis on power loss in the event of a dc grid fault or mainland alternating current (ac)grid abnormality. Standards and control of voltage source converter (VSC) based MT-HVdc grids are defined and discussed. High voltage dc switch-gear and dc circuit topologies are appraised based on the necessity of dc cables, HVdc circuit breakers, and extra offshore platforms. In this paper, the proposed topology is analyzed and compared with the formers for number and ratings of offshore substations, dc breakers, ultra-fast mechanical actuators, dc circuits, cost, flexibility, utilization, and redundancy of HVdc links. Coordinated operation of various topologies is assessed and compared with respect to the designed control scheme via a developed EMTDC/PSCAD simulation platform considering three fault scenarios: dc fault on transmission link connecting the wind farm to mainland power converters, dc fault within substation ring of VSC-HVdc stations, and ultimate disconnection of grid side VSC station. Results show that 2WF-SSRT is a promising topology for future MT-HVdc grids.
Keywords HVdc transmission systems; MT-HVdc grid topologies for offshore wind farms; 2WF-SSRT topology; comparison of MT-HVdc grid topologies
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