Title Analysis of Happiness During Free Time: The Role of Prosocial and Material Behaviors
Authors LÓPEZ CASQUETE DE PRADO, MANUEL, Picazo, Carmen , Gamboa, Juan Pablo
External publication No
Means Diversitas-Perspect. Psicol.
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Publication date 01/07/2020
ISI 000728531400002
DOI 10.15332/22563067.6291
Abstract Research on happiness has been present in the literature, since finding the keys to what makes people happy is a maxim and does not go out of style. Different investigations suggest that sharing, spending time with others, and having material goods contribute to happiness. Thus, this investigation analyzed the influence of the prosocial and material behaviors on happiness during people\'s free time. A total sample of 108 people was under study. Results show that being with others, being generous, helping, sharing, and, in short, developing prosocial behaviors, bring greater happiness than performing actions aimed at obtaining, maintaining, and have material goods. In conclusion, people are happier during their free time when they carry out prosocial behaviors than by the mere fact of having or owning assets, and the happiness experienced could last more over time as it depends on conduct, motivation, and will. Finally, this work has some limitations such as the sample size and its cross-sectional design. Future research should increase the sample size, as well as incorporate longitudinal designs to analyze changes over time and the influence of both behaviors in other contexts.
Keywords generosity; free time; happiness; materialism; material behavior; prosocial behavior
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