Title Difference and Exclusion: Allergy to the Other Within Europe
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Means Utop. Prax. Latinoam.
Scope Article
Nature Científica
SJR Quartile 2
SJR Impact 0.15200
Area International
Publication date 01/01/2018
ISI 000428716300013
Abstract Europe's response to the so-called "refugee crisis" has revealed its cracking as a supranational project not only in its monetary and economic dimension, but also in its political and coexistential aspects. The rising of exclusive nationalist approaches, emerging partially as a demagogic response to the neoliberal policies of the European Union, fuels the allergic rejection of the different, and leads to the dehumanizing and self-destructive pathology of xenophobia. Abandoning this perspective entails, in the words of Levinas, "finding the Other without allergy, that is, in justice", recognizing the Other in his/her humanity and treating him/her as his/her dignity demands. Faced with nationalist and neoliberal discourses, the survival of Europe as a project requires articulating a truly hospitable policy in accordance with unavoidable ethical demands.
Keywords Migrations; refugees; difference; Europe
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