Title European Court of Human Rights: mutations and challenges. Bibliographic Repertory (2007-2018)
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Means Teor. Real. Const.
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Nature Científica
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Publication date 01/01/2018
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Abstract The present repertoire gathers a selection of various doctrinal contributions (books, chapters and papers) on the European Court of Human Rights which have been published in the last decade. They are a reflection of some of the challenges that the Court has lately faced, and they tackle issues as its organization, the procedure and access to its jurisdiction, the enforcement of its judgments and their impact, its dialogue with other courts, and some principles or concepts guiding its practice, such as the margin of appreciation, consensus and subsidiarity.
Keywords European Court of Human Rights; reform; procedure; remedial measures; enforcement of judgments; impact; margin of appreciation; consensus; subsidiarity; judicial dialogue; repertory
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