Title Grid-connected Converters with Virtual Electromechanical Characteristics: Experimental Verification
Authors Zhang, Weiyi, Remon, Daniel, Candela, Ignacio, Luna, Alvaro, RODRÍGUEZ CORTÉS, PEDRO, RODRÍGUEZ CORTÉS, PEDRO
External publication No
Means CSEE J. Power Energy Syst.
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Area International
Publication date 01/09/2017
ISI 000416973300008
DOI 10.17775/CSEEJPES.2015.00790
Abstract Grid-connected power converters, which are frequently used to link renewable generation plants with the grid, are required to provide a better functionality for large scale integration of renewables. They are expected to be grid-friendly, or even grid-supportive, instead of simply grid-feeding or grid-demanding. This paper designs a synchronous power controller for grid-connected converters in detail, emulating the electromechanical characteristics of synchronous machines and improving even its actual performance, as it is based on a virtual approach. Based on this design, the grid-interfacing units are capable of showing inertia, damping, and droop characteristics as synchronous machines and presenting thus a grid-supporting behavior. The detailed control design and experimental validation on a 10 kW laboratory setup acts as the main contribution of this paper, compared with the existing studies on generator emulation controls.
Keywords DC-AC power conversion; power generation control; synchronous power controller; virtual electromechanical characteristics
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