Title Hardware friendly algorithm for the calculation of phase synchronization between neural signals
Authors ROMAINE, JAMES BRIAN, Delgado-Restituto, Manuel
External publication Si
Means Biomedical Circuits And Systems Conference
Scope Proceedings Paper
Nature Científica
Publication date 01/01/2015
ISI 398907900073
Abstract This paper reports a mathematically simple, hardware efficient algorithm for use in the detection of epileptic seizures via an approximation of synchronization between two neural EEG signals. The algorithm assumes that the signals are pre-filtered into a desired narrow band, spanning only several 10\'s of Hz. Using this narrow band it is possible to collect the discrete time stamps, which are represented as the number of samples between two consecutive minimum within a given signal. The difference between a discrete time stamp in one signal and in another, at a given period in time gives an indication as to the amount of frequency difference between the two signals. Once these differences are accumulated, it provides an estimate as to when large increases and decrease in frequency happen in the two signals, with respect to one another.
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