Title ICTs and Relational Learning in Networks as Drivers of Green Innovation and Customer Capital: Empirical Evidence From the Spanish Automotive Industry
Authors Leal-Millan, Antonio , LEAL RODRÍGUEZ, ANTONIO LUIS, Roldan, Jose , Ortega-Gutierrez, Jaime
External publication No
Means Proceedings Of The European Conference On Intellectual Capital
Scope Proceedings Paper
Nature Científica
Publication date 01/01/2015
ISI 000359062600025
Abstract For the purposes of our research, we use the concept of information technology (IT) infrastructure, defined as the shared IT capabilities that enable the flow of knowledge in an organization to be supported. In this category we include a set of technological resources, both hardware and software applications, which support different utilization characteristics of knowledge and relational learning (RL) activities, such as: business intelligence, technologies for collaborating and distributing knowledge, knowledge generation and storage, and support hardware for these technologies. An emerging stream of research on IT and RL seeks to guide the application of technologies that support RL. IT is involved in the various knowledge management processes, which include knowledge creation. A great variety of procedures, tools and activities may act as a support to the knowledge generation and creation process. IT contributes to sustainable competitive advantage through its interaction with other resources. Recent literature suggests that RL is a process that plays an important role in enhancing a firm\'s capabilities and competitive advantage and which may benefit from the judicious application of IT. It has also been argued that for firms to be successful they must complement IT with RL. This study aims to assess the role played by information technology (IT) in relational learning activities (RL). We also examine how IT and RL influence both green innovations (GI) and the development of the customer capital (CC). These relationships have been tested via an empirical analysis carried out with a sample of industrial companies belonging to the Spanish automotive industry. Our findings allow us to confirm that IT acts as an enabler of the RL process and influences on the development of GI, which allow the achievement of a better customer capital (CC).
Keywords knowledge management; ICTs; relational learning; green innovation; customer capital; partial least squares
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