Title Impact of ICT on Governments and Human Rights: e-Democracy & e-Administration on trial
Authors Sanchez-Bayon, Antonio
External publication No
Means Bajo Palabra
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Area International
Publication date 01/01/2013
ISI 000422403800022
Abstract The e-democracy is the first great wave of democratization on 21st century, the eight during the Contemporary History, and near the thirtieth among the Western History. The present case is characterized by the impact of Information and Communications of Technology (ICT) in the redefinition of citizen participation in politics, especially in relations with government and public administrations, as well as the current type of civil culture and human rights Law. The study requires a observance of several questions as: is it something new (just in formal aspects or in substantial means)? Does the current trend pursuit global citizen participation or just a fake virtual society? These and other disquisitions are treated in the present paper, focusing on critical thinking, in comparative and systematic way.
Keywords e-democracy; power; government; (public) administrations; information and communications technology (ICT); globalization; human rights
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