Title Information hyper-fragmentation in Print News Design: methodological proposal and analysis of cognitive effects
Authors Suarez Carballo, Fernando, Martin San Roman, Juan Ramon, No Sanchez, Javier
External publication No
Means Icono14
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Area International
Publication date 01/01/2014
ISI 000216036700004
DOI 10.7195/ri14.v12i1.627
Abstract Due to the confluence of several factors, especially the hard competition in a new communication context leaded by Internet, the press experiences the appearance of the phenomenon called information hyper-fragmentation, which, by dividing the content into smaller pieces, try to enhance the reader's attention and readability. In an attempt to objectively measure the effectiveness of certain graphic design criteria, this study aims to evaluate the impact of two visual principles that describe this model (Fragmentation and Contrast) in the behavior of the reader and his cognitive processing (selective attention and comprehension). In order to achieve these objetives, the research offers a method to translate the newspaper page through the fundamentals of the visual literacy and the analysis of the typographical elements that build it.
Keywords Graphic Design; News design; Typography; Visual literacy; Perception; Cognition; Effectiveness
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