Title Management of University Social Responsibility in business schools. An exploratory study
Authors Wigmore-Alvarez, Amber, RUIZ LOZANO, MERCEDES, Luis Fernandez-Fernandez, Jose, RUIZ LOZANO, MERCEDES
External publication No
Means Int. J. Manag. Educ.
Scope Article
Nature Científica
JCR Quartile 1
SJR Quartile 2
Area International
Publication date 01/07/2020
ISI 000537760500001
DOI 10.1016/j.ijme.2020.100382
Abstract Social Responsibility (SR) has become a key issue in higher education. The objective of this investigation is to reflect on the adoption of SR in universities. This paper explores how business schools are integrating SR into their management systems and analyzes the potential influence of variables such as the school's size and/or geographical area. A questionnaire obtained information to be analyzed and was complemented with information from websites and telephone interviews. A descriptive analysis was used to carry out a transversal analysis, allowing this paper to investigate the level of University Social Responsibility (USR) development in Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) institutions. Parametric and non-parametric tests were applied in order to determine the level of influence that the size and geographic location of the institution had on the level of integration of SR with the management. A certain degree of commitment of these institutions to SR was observed, as well as their concern about giving visibility to their SR actions. The influence of those models on the presence of the organization in a specific geographical area was not observed, nor did the organization size variable have an influence, with the exception of the areas of Society and Supply Chain.
Keywords Higher education; University social responsibility; Management; International organizations; Business schools
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