Title PAIS-DQ: Extending Process-Aware Information Systems to support Data Quality in PAIS life-cycle
Authors PARODY NÚÑEZ, MARÍA LUISA, Teresa Gomez-Lopez, Maria , Bermejo, Isabel , Caballero, Ismael , Gasca, Rafael M. , Piattini, Mario
External publication Si
Means International Conference On Research Challenges In Information Science
Scope Proceedings Paper
Nature Científica
Publication date 01/01/2016
ISI 000387134700023
Abstract The successful execution of a Business Process implies to use data with an adequate level of quality, thereby enabling the output of processes to be obtained in accordance with users requirements. The necessity to be aware of the data quality in the business processes is known, but the problem is how the incorporation of data quality management can affect and increase the complexity of the software development that supports the business process life-cycle. In order to gain advantages that data quality management can provide, organizations need to introduce mechanisms aimed at checking whether data satisfies the established data-quality requirements. Desirably, the implementation, deployment and use of these mechanisms should not interfere into the regular working of the business processes. In order to enable this independence, we propose the PAIS-DQ framework as an extension of the classical Process-Aware Information System (PAIS) proposal. The PAIS-DQ addresses the concerns related to data quality management activities by minimizing the required time for the software developers. In addition, with the aim of guiding developers in the use of PAIS-DQ, a methodology has been also provided to facilitate organizations to deal with complex concerns. The methodology renders our proposal applicable in practice, and has been applied to a case study where a service architect is included.ure implementing the standard ISO/IEC 8000-100: 2009 parts 100 to 140 is included.
Universidad Loyola members

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