Title Participatory Learning in Dual Disciplines through Transversal Case Studies: An Overview of the Problems of Entrepreneurship in Spain
Authors Navajas Romero, Virginia, LÓPEZ MARTÍN, MARÍA DEL CARMEN, Sanchez Bayon, Antonio, LÓPEZ MARTÍN, MARÍA DEL CARMEN
External publication No
Means Rev. Univ. Empres.
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Area International
Publication date 01/01/2014
ISI 000215989400008
DOI 10.12804/rev.univ.empresa.26.2014.07
Abstract The research that gives rise to this article intends to promote a conduit for innovation and teaching management. It reviews an educational methodology based on case studies that has been followed successfully in universities in the United States. This methodology also has a growing presence in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). It has proven to be useful in introducing the students to the analysis of a complex social reality, showing them how to approach it from different points of view, especially from those concerning disciplines of a dual nature such as Law and Economy (and business). As a result of this research, the reader is urged to remove himself from categories of hermetic knowledge and to move forward towards other ones more realistic and interconnected. The proposal also includes training future professionals focusing mainly on the development of skills and capabilities.
Keywords Case study; Dual disciplines; Enterprise; Entrepreneurship; Immigration; Learning improvement
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