Title Radiation pressure calibration and test mass reflectivities for LISA Pathfinder
Authors Korsakova, Natalia , Kaune, Brigitte , Armano, M. , Audley, H. , Auger, G. , Baird, J. , Bassan, M. , Binetruy, P. , Born, M. , Bortoluzzi, D. , Brandt, N. , Caleno, M. , Cavalleri, A. , Cesarini, A. , Cruise, M. , Danzmann, K. , de Deus Silva, M. , De Rosa, R. , Di Fiore, L. , Diepholz, I. , Dolesi, R. , Dunbar, N. , Ferraioli, L. , Ferroni, V. , Fitzsimons, E. , Flatscher, R. , Freschi, M. , Marrirodriga, C. Garcia , Gerndt, R. , Gesa, L. , Gibert, F. , Giardini, D. , Giusteri, R. , Grado, A. , Grimani, C. , Grzymisch, J. , Harrison, I. , Heinzel, G. , Hewitson, M. , Hollington, D. , Hoyland, D. , Hueller, M. , Inchauspe, H. , Jennrich, O. , Jetzer, P. , Johlander, B. , Karnesis, N. , Kaune, B. , Korsakova, N. , Killow, C. , Lobo, A. , Lloro, I. , Liu, L. , Lopez-Zaragoza, J. P. , Maarschalkerweerd, R. , Mance, D. , Martin, V. , Martin-Polo, L. , Martino, J. , Martin-Porqueras, F. , Madden, S. , Mateos, I. , McNamara, P. W. , Mendes, J. , Mendel, L. , Nofrarias, M. , Paczkowski, S. , Perreur-Lloyd, M. , Petiteau, A. , Pivato, P. , Plagnol, E. , Prat, P. , Ragnit, U. , Ramos-Castro, J. , Reiche, J. , Robertson, D. I. , Rozemeijer, H. , RIVAS GARCÍA, FRANCISCO, Russano, G. , Sarra, P. , Schleicher, A. , Shaul, D. , Slutsky, J. , Sopuerta, C. F. , Stanga, R. , Sumner, T. , Texier, D. , Thorpe, J. I. , Trenke, C. , Troebs, M. , Vetrugno, D. , Vitale, S. , Wanner, G. , Ward, H. , Wass, P. , Wealthy, D. , Weber, W. J. , Wissel, L. , Wittchen, A. , Zambotti, A. , Zanoni, C. , Ziegler, T. , Zweifel, P. , LPF Collaboration
External publication Si
Scope Proceedings Paper
Nature Científica
SJR Quartile 3
SJR Impact 0.241
Publication date 01/01/2017
ISI 000437968700039
DOI 10.1088/1742-6596/840/1/012039
Abstract This paper describes a series of experiments which were carried out during the main operations of LISA Pathfinder. These experiments were performed by modulating the power of the measurement and reference beams. In one series of experiments the beams were sequentially switched on and off. In the other series of experiments the powers of the beams were modulated within 0.1% and 1% of the constant power. These experiments use recordings of the total power measured on the photodiodes to infer the properties of the Optical Metrology System (OMS), such as reflectivities of the test masses and change of the photodiode efficiencies with time. In the first case the powers are back propagated from the different photodiodes to the same place on the optical bench to express the unknown quantities in the measurement with the complimentary photodiode measurements. They are combined in the way that the only unknown left is the test mass reflectivities. The second experiment compared two estimates of the force applied to the test masses due to the radiation pressure that appears because of the beam modulations. One estimate of the force is inferred from the measurements of the powers on the photodiodes and propagation of this measurement to the test masses. The other estimation of the force is done by calculating it from the change in the main scientific output of the instrument - differential displacement of the two test masses.
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