Title Sensory/Health-Related and Convenience/Process Quality of Airline Meals and Traveler Loyalty
Authors Han, Heesup, Moon, Hyoungeun, ARIZA MONTES, JOSÉ ANTONIO, Lee, Soyeun, ARIZA MONTES, JOSÉ ANTONIO
External publication No
Means Sustainability
Scope Article
Nature Científica
JCR Quartile 2
SJR Quartile 2
Area International
Publication date 01/02/2020
ISI 000519135102013
DOI 10.3390/su12030857
Abstract Little evidence is available on how airline meals and their dimensions affect customers' loyalty generation procedure and behaviors towards airline products. This research is designed to elucidate airline customer loyalty generation procedure by uncovering the specific role of airline meals and their dimensions, attitude, satisfaction, and love. Using a quantitative method, empirical findings from the structural analysis successfully offer a good understanding of airline food quality and its role, identify the vital triggers of customer loyalty, and uncover the silent mediating role of airline love in affecting loyalty. Taking one step further beyond the theorizations in the existing studies of airline customers' post-purchase behaviors, the present study builds a strong conceptual framework relating airline food quality, attitude, satisfaction, airline love, and customer loyalty.
Keywords sensory and health-related food quality; convenience and process food quality; airline meal; customer loyalty; satisfaction
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