Title Students\' perceptions about acquisition of competencies of final project in Business Administration. The case of Universidad Loyola Andalucia
External publication No
Means Educade
Scope Article
Nature Científica
Publication date 01/01/2016
ISI 000395573400002
Abstract The development and evaluation of the Final Project (FP) in the curriculum are posing a challenge for the university faculty.\n The complexity of the process of making this FP, the different casuistry regarding possible topics, the different competencies to assess and teachers diversity has led us to worry about knowing what is the perception of students in relation to their learning and skills acquisition in this area.\n A exploratory study based on a survey of Business Administration\' students who have defended their work in the 2014-15 course at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Loyola University Andalusia, has allowed us to show what is the perception of the student in relation to the whole process of the FP.\n The analysis revealed that the FP is supposing a delay in the completion of undergraduate studies, but that there is also a high level of satisfaction with the development of the FP. We must also highlight the correlation between interest in the topic to develop and marks obtained in the FP.
Keywords Final Project; competencies; learning outcomes; perception
Universidad Loyola members

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