Title Suffering the constitutional system. The impact of the Liberal Triennium on the New Settlements of Sierra Morena and Andalusia
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Means Tiempos Modernos
Scope Article
Nature Científica
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Publication date 01/01/2020
ISI 000604319300013
Abstract Founded by royal initiative during the reign of Carlos III, the New Settlements of Sierra Morena and Andalusia enjoyed since 1767 a chartered regime that guaranteed them a series of privileges and exemptions. The Cadiz Cortes considered the permanence of this foral system incompatible with the Constitution, so it was abolished in 1813 and again in 1820; giving way both times to the formation of constitutional town halls. However, these new corporations lacked for a large part of the Liberal Triennium their municipal property with which to adequately meet their expenses. The objective, then, of this work will be to analyze the main problems that these municipalities had to face in the economic field between 1820 and 1823.
Keywords New Settlements of Sierra Morena and Andalusia; Liberal Triennium; municipal property; economic history; 19th century
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