Título Characteristics and discursive axes of misinformation and the fact- checking process on COVID-19 vaccines in Latin America
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Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Fecha de publicacion 01/01/2023
ISI 1048192300006
DOI 10.20318/recs.2023.7005
Abstract Introduction: The coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosion of hoaxes that mitigate the predisposition and speed of vaccination, especially in Latin America. This makes fact-checking journalism an option for healing the scientific conversation. Objectives: To analyze the characteristics and discursive axes of misinformation on COVID-19 vaccination in Latin America and the work of the fact-checkers. Methodology: Quantitative and qualitative research through content analysis of 113 misinformation extracted from LatamChequea Vacunas. Results: The countries that check the most are Argentina and Brazil, especially in the months of June, August and September. Fake content predominates, in text format, about adverse effects and application and efficacy, circulating on multiple social networks, with Facebook predominating. The activity of fact-checkers is not sufficient, as the rates of propagation are faster than those of checking. Also, they exhibit limitations such as the lack of identification of the disinforming subject, the contact with the sources involved and the deficiency of digital tools in the processes. Conclusion: Latin America has become a focus of misinformation on COVID-19 vaccination through ideological approaches promoted by denialist and conspiracy groups that undermine the credibility of the inoculation process.
Palabras clave misinformation; hoaxes; vaccines; COVID-19; Latin America; fact-checking; social networks
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