Título Human values and traveler behaviors: metaverse for conferences and meetings
Autores ARIZA MONTES, JOSÉ ANTONIO, Quan W. , Radic A. , Yu J. , Han H.
Publicación externa No
Medio J. Travel Tour. Mark.
Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Cuartil JCR 2
Cuartil SJR 1
Fecha de publicacion 05/10/2023
ISI 001093152800001
DOI 10.1080/10548408.2023.2263766
Abstract The main purpose of this article is testing the factors that influence the use of the metaverse for conferences/meetings, the moderating effects of human values and the gender, and the age of users on this relationship. A convenience sampling approach was employed in order to gather data in Korea. The findings revealed that the users accepted the metaverse as a valuable technology in regard to virtually assisting conferences and meetings. The performance expectancy, social influence, and a lack of anxiety were specifically the most significant predictors of behavioral intention about the use of the metaverse for conferences/meetings. © 2023 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
Palabras clave behavioral models; conference/meeting industry; human values; Metaverse; portrait values questionnaire; structural equation model (SEM); technology innovation; the unified theory of acceptance and use
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