Título Influence of the Homogenization Pressure on the Rheology of Biopolymer-Stabilized Emulsions Formulated with Thyme Oil
Autores Trujillo-Cayado, Luis A. , SANTOS GARCÍA, JENIFER, Calero, Nuria , del Carmen Alfaro, Maria , Munoz, Jose
Publicación externa Si
Medio Fluids
Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Cuartil SJR 2
Impacto SJR 0.32600
Fecha de publicacion 18/02/2019
ISI 464455100001
DOI 10.3390/fluids4010029
Abstract Different continuous phases formulated with ecofriendly ingredients such as AMIDET (R) N, an ecological surfactant, as well as welan and rhamsan gums were developed. An experimental design strategy was been in order to study the influence of the ratio of these two polysaccharides and the homogenization pressure applied in a microfluidizer on the critical shear stress for the continuous phases developed. A pure rhamsan gum solution was selected as the starting point for further study based on the production of thyme oil-in-water emulsions. The effect of the homogenization pressure on the physical stability, critical shear stress and droplet size distribution was analyzed for emulsions with optimized values of the rhamsan-welan ratio. These bioactive thyme oil-in-water emulgels could be considered as delivery systems with potential applications in the food industry.
Palabras clave biopolymer; eco-friendly surfactant; microfluidization; rheology; thyme oil
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