Título Infodemic and informational dependence: the ethical function of Andalusian public television during the Covid-19 crisis
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Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Fecha de publicacion 01/01/2021
ISI 741687600008
DOI 10.32466/eufv-cyh.2021.17.658.119-138
Abstract The objective of this research seeks to analyze the ethical and pedagogical role of Andalusian public television during the pandemic, taking into account the treatment of fake news from the theory of agenda setting and framing. To clarify the degree of importance in the news treatment, we will apply content analysis from a complex structural perspective, sticking to a sample of 24 news items that appeared on Canal Sur Tv during the state of alarm. The study is framed in the uncertainty and information dependence as direct causes of the infodemic (OMS, 2020; Zaracostas, 2020), as well as the informational and emotional instability in which false news emerge. The originality of the work lies in the transdisciplinary relationship between infoxication, social networks and journalistic responsibility in a context of social vulnerability as a result of Covid-19. The results that emerge from the analysis of the variable indicators that condition audiovisual production and the variables related to the content of the news diagnose a lack of concordance between the problem of news disorders and the treatment on television. This suggests a lack of responsibility from publicly owned media, which during times of instability, needs to educate citizens through media literacy.
Palabras clave Infodemic; Fake news; Television; Ethical; Agenda setting; Framing
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