Producción científica del PDI de la Universidad Loyola: junio 2021

La relación de publicaciones del personal docente de investigador de la Universidad Loyola durante junio de 2021 ha sido obtenida de Scopus, alertas de Google Scholar y Dialnet

>Ariza-Montes, Antonio: “The impact of hotel attributes, well-being perception, and attitudes on brand loyalty: Examining the moderating role of COVID-19 pandemic”, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (Vol. 62, sep. 2021). Ver abstract >>

>Sofía Baena: “<<So, I told him to look for friends!>> Barriers and protecting factors that may facilitate inclusion for children with Language Disorder in everyday social settings: Cross-cultural qualitative interviews with parents”, Research in Developmental Disabilities (ago. 2021). Ver abstract >>

>Juan Carlos Serrano: “Hydrogenation of 4-nitrochlorobenzene catalysed by cobalt nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped activated carbon”, Catalysis Science & Technology (nº 11, 2021). Ver abstract >>

>Sofía Baena: “Exploring Parental Perspectives of Childhood Speech and Language Disorders Across 10 Countries: A Pilot Qualitative Study”, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research (online 11-may-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Antonio Ariza: “Editorial: Advancing Social Purpose in Organizations: An Interdisciplinary Perspective”, Frontiers in Psychology (online 7-jun-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Antonio Ariza: “A threat of customer incivility and job stress to hotel employee retention: Do supervisor and co-worker supports reduce turnover rates?”, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (online 19-jun-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Antonio Ariza: “Social Networking Service as a Marketing Technology Tool and Sustainable Business in the Lodging Industry: Investigating the Difference across Older and Younger Age Groups among Tourists”, (). Ver texto completo >>

>Davinia Resurrección: “Khat and neurobehavioral functions: A systematic review”, PLoS One (online 10-jun-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Carlos Ortiz: “Solar combined cycle with high-temperature thermochemical energy storage”, Energy Conversion and Management (ago. 2021). Ver abstract >>

>Pilar Gómez-Rey, Francisco Fernández-Navarro, Mª José Vázquez de Francisco: “Identifying Key Variables on the Way to Wellbeing in the Transition from Face-to-Face to Online Higher Education due to COVID-19: Evidence from the Q-Sort Technique”, Sustainability (online 28-may-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Emma Motrico: “Effectiveness of a Multicomponent Intervention in Primary Care That Addresses Patients with Diabetes Mellitus with Two or More Unhealthy Habits, Such as Diet, Physical Activity or Smoking: Multicenter Randomized Cluster Trial (EIRA Study)”, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (online 28-may-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>José A. Salinas-Pérez: “Alcohol and Other Drug Service Availability, Capacity, and Diversity in Urban and Rural Australia: An Integrated Atlas”, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (vol. 82, nº 3, mayo 2021). Ver abstract >>

>Manuel Fanega: “Prison research: a bioethics or an ethics issue?”, Acta Bioethica (vol. 27, nº 1, jun. 2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Fabio Gómez-Estern: “Control of Power Converters with Hybrid Affine Models and Pulse-Width Modulated Inputs”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers (online 3-jun-2021). Ver abstract >>

>Manuel Alejandro Cardenete, Mª Carmen Delgado, Paula Villegas: “Impact assessment of Covid-19 on the tourism sector in Andalusia: an economic approach”, Current Issues in Tourism (online 8-jun-2021). Ver abstract >>

>Laura Padilla Angulo: “Are different entrepreneurship-promotion activities equally effective? an analysis by academic year and gender”, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (online 14-jun-2021). Ver abstract >>

>Rosalba Company, Antonio Sianes, Ian Simpson, Joaquín Ibáñez: “Cognitive interventions in children and adolescents from low socioeconomic status backgrounds: a systematic review protocol of randomized controlled trials”, Systematic Reviews (online 25-jun-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>José Alberto Salinas: “Using Geospatial Analysis to Inform Development of a Place-Based Integrated Care Initiative: The Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods Experience”, International Journal of Integrated Care (vol. 21, 2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Lorenzo Estepa: [Preprint] “Comparing risk elicitation in lotteries with visual or contextual framing aids”, Munich Personal RepEc Archive (online 8-jun-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Noelia Rivero, Mª Pino Ramos, Pablo Brañas: [Preprint] “Continuous and binary sets of responses are not the same: Evidence from the field”, PsyArcXiv (online 28-jun-2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Gloria Fernández-Pacheco: Entendiendo la relación entre menores de origen migrante y delincuencia: una aportación criminológica, ISBN 978-84-1346-300-1, Aranzadi, 2021

>Ianire Angulo: “Itinerancia: por una Vida Consagrada en camino”, Revista CLAR: revista trimestral de Teología de la Vida Religiosa (vol. 59, nº 2, 2021). Ver texto completo >>

>Laura Padilla: “Are different entrepreneurship-promotion activities equally effective? an analysis by academic year and gender”, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (online 14-jun-2021). Ver abstract >>

>Ianire Angulo: "Itinerancia : por una Vida Consagrada en camino", Revista Clar: revista trimestral de vida religiosa (Vol. 59, Nº. 2, 2021) . Ver texto completo >>

>Fernando Delage: "Multilateralismo con características chinas", Vanguardia Dossier (nº 80, 2021)




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