COM_GRUPO_PROYECTO_TITULO Learning to Be: Development of Practices and Methodologies for Assessing Social, Emotional and Health Skills within Education Systems
Management area Project
Start 01/02/2017
Abstract Abstract: The critical issues in the field of education are related to Europe‘s low level of socioemotional competences and high rates of early school leavers. These reasons have negative influence on the social, academic and professional lives of the young and hamper their personal fulfilment. Looking from the global perspective, these factors prevent the economic growth and social cohesion in Europe. The individuals with a balanced set of cognitive as well as social, emotional and health (SEH) skills are more likely to cope with the difficult situations in life, perform well in the labour market, and achieve personal and professional goals.(OECD. (2015), Skills for Social Progress: The Power of Social and Emotional Skills, OECD Skills Studies, OECD Publishing, Paris.) Even though most National curricula frameworks has underlined the importance of SEH skills in education there has been a lack of understanding on how to assess SEH skills in a proper way and how to integrate SEH assessment methodologies into the existing education practices. With this policy measure we are proposing to widen the set of skills to be assessed and recognized in formal and non formal education settings for the variety of purposes including school and university admission, career prospects and for the implementation of other social roles. Therefore, the consortium proposes: 1) To develop a SEH assessment and recognition model that could be used as a reference tool by educators and policy developers; 2) To test a set of assessment tools and methods that will help educators to assess SEH skills and to plan further learning and teaching. The tools will facilitate the recognition of SEH skills within the education system. These tools would form basis for further development of education policies and practices in National curricula, improve the qualioty of SEH skills education and help foster social cohesion and fundamental values of democratic society.
Amount 351383 €
Unit PositiCom: Comunicación Positiva y Cultura Digital
Departamento de Comunicación y Educación

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