Title Fact-Checking Skills And Project-Based Learning About Infodemic And Disinformation
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Means Think. Skills Creat.
Scope Article
Nature Científica
JCR Quartile 1
SJR Quartile 1
JCR Impact 3.652
SJR Impact 1.157
Publication date 01/09/2021
ISI 000708919100028
DOI 10.1016/j.tsc.2021.100887
Abstract In today\'s high-information and high-communication society, university students are increasingly involved in autonomous and collaborative learning processes, which require active methodologies to facilitate the integration of social competencies. The objective of this study was to raise awareness of the risks of disinformation and infodemics and to identify the main social competencies and skills related to fact-checking that students should acquire. Based on thematicexperiential classes and through the project-based learning methodology, this teaching experience consisted of lecturing a fake class in the communication degree programme, in which the professor gave a speech to 150 students about coronavirus that contained both hoaxes and true information, thus challenging students to identify false information. The results obtained in this qualitative study are divided into three parts to answer each research question. The first part is focused on identifying the most influential hoaxes about the coronavirus that young people have embraced as reliable information during the 2020 pandemic (RQ1). The second part is dedicated to explaining students\' reactions when they are involved in infodemic contexts. We also point out the main challenge that arose in a period of infodemics (RQ2). In the third part, we propose the main fact-checking skills that students should acquire to tackle disinformation in a period of infodemics (RQ3). Training in these skills appeared to improve job performance and undoubtedly contributed to the personal development of our future graduates.
Keywords fact-checking; fact-checking skills disinformation; infodemic; University; fake class; verification; thematic-experiential classes; project-based learning
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