Title Influence of surfactant on eco-friendly concentrated emulsion formation and physical stability
Authors Martin-Pinero, M. J. , SANTOS GARCÍA, JENIFER, Trujillo-Cayado, L. A. , Garcia, M. C. , Alfaro, M. C.
External publication Si
Means Afinidad
Scope Article
Nature Científica
JCR Quartile 4
SJR Quartile 4
JCR Impact 0.26300
Publication date 01/01/2018
ISI 000428943100002
Abstract The goal of this work was to compare three different ecological surfactants derived from coconut oil for the preparation of concentrated oil-in-water emulsions formulated with alpha-pinene. The surfactants used were polyoxyethylene glycerol fatty acid esters with different number of oxyethylene groups. These are liable for the hydrophilic surfactant role. Rheology, laser diffraction and Multiple Ligh Sacttering were used in order to characterise the emulsions. It has been demonstrated that the use of Levenol C-201 (HLB: 13) lead to prepare emulsions with longer physical stability due to lower droplet size and higher viscosity. These facts help to slow down destabilization processes such as creaming or coalescence. Therefore, this study provides interesting results about the properties and physical stability of emulsions containing polyoxyethylene glycerol fatty acid esters derived from coconut oil, which can be used to develop new products with biological applications.
Keywords Emulsion; green solvent; laser diffraction; theology; surfactant
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