Title The role of Wikipedia in the dissemination of new knowledge: Analysis of the entry desinformacion as a changeable concept
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Means Comunicacion y Sociedad
Scope Article
Nature Científica
JCR Quartile 4
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SJR Impact 0.43400
Publication date 01/04/2022
ISI 777663900017
DOI 10.15581/
Abstract The main goal of Wikipedia\'s founders, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, was to create a collaborative encyclopaedia driven by the users of the internet who, on a nonprofit basis, would compile and share all human wisdom and knowledge. In times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic, Wikipedia has emerged as a reference point for users around the world. In this vein, Wikipedia once again highlighted its cultural role in the production of available knowledge in the face of new knowledge.\n Therefore, the main objective of this study is to analyse the specific entry of desinformacion -disinformation in English- in the Spanish version of Wikipedia, given the importance that this concept has acquired during the coronavirus crisis and given the need to disseminate a homogeneous definition of this term. For that purpose, we have applied the content analysis method to a textual case, that is, to the disinformation entry in Wikipedia. The main results show that the basic characteristics of the Spanish entry of desinformacion on Wikipedia are not the suitable ones to inform users or readers of the real meaning of this concept. Furthermore, the content of the Wikipedia disinformation entry is incomplete, disjointed and of dubious reliability. Therefore, this research advocates the creation of a homogeneous definition that permeates the common imaginary and that is the result of a combination of experts\' opinions and the definitions proposed by institutions, governments, media and organizations.
Keywords Open knowledge; credibility; desinformacion; disinformation; online encyclopaedia; Wikipedia
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