Título School Policies to Tackle Fake News (Spotted) Erasmus
Abreviado Spotted
Área de gestión Proyecto
Comienzo 01/11/2019
Abstract Abstract SPOTTED aims at tackling media literacy among primary and secondary school students and teachers in Europe, to improve their digital communication and information skills, namely the use of the Internet and the social networks. Specifically, it pursues the following objectives: * To create awareness among young people and primary and secondary school teachers about fake news and information on the internet * To enhance media alphabetization in secondary schools to counteract disinformation and help young people to navigate in a safe digital information context * To improve the abilities of young Europeans to identify and analyse the information available on the internet * To prevent young Europeans from media misuse (Cyberbullying, Isolation, etc) * To fight the spread of hate speech and radical anti-democratic ideas on online social media amongst young Europeans * To promote research about the effects of disinformation in Europe
Entidad financiadora COMISIÓN EUROPEA
Importe 46440 €
Unidad PositiCom: Comunicación Positiva y Cultura Digital
Departamento de Comunicación y Educación
Programa de Doctorado en Psicología
Investigador Principal

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