Autores MUÑIZ VELÁZQUEZ, JOSÉ ANTONIO, Alvarez-Nobell, Alejandro
Publicación externa No
Medio Vivat Academia
Alcance Article
Naturaleza Científica
Fecha de publicacion 01/09/2013
ISI 215551600007
Abstract Positive communication is being presented as a paradigm approaches imported from the recent positive psychology subdiscipline mainly inaugurated by Martin E. P. Seligman, which could be defined as that branch of psychology that aims to study the excellence, the psychological and subjective optimization of life and human happiness. In this regard, the objective of this work is to show the path toward what we call positive communication, which could be defined as the organizational communication that, regardless of other goals, promotes consciously or unconsciously the happiness and psychological well-being of the individuals. While the chances of confluence between human happiness and communication are still in a nascent state, there is a huge and promising field ahead to explore.
Palabras clave Positive communication; Positive advertising; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Happiness; Psychological well-being
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