Título Gender disinformation: analysing hoaxes on Maldito Feminismo
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DOI 10.7195/ri14.v18i2.1509
Abstract Information disorder (satire or parody, false connections, misleading\n content, false context, imposter content, manipulated content or\n fabricated content) is a social problem that is causing collective\n damages. Women, in particular, are becoming victims of hostilities on\n the digital scenario. This problem is currently known as "digital\n sexism" and "gender disinformation". In this context, verification\n journalism, a trendy format, aims to reduce the effects of hoaxes\n introducing the fact-checking process in its professional routines.\n However, this is still a minority task. In order to contribute to the\n study of the disinformation phenomenon in relation to online messages\n about women, this research has developed a systematic tool to classify\n hoaxes that have been refuted by the platform Maldita.es, specifically,\n on its sections Maldito Feminismo (N=71). This tool, inspired by the\n taxonomies created by Derakhshan & Wardle (2017), Tandoc, Lim & Ling\n (2018) and Molina, Sundar, Le & Lee (2019), allows you to categorize\n fake news according to the type of information disorder, the agent, the\n message and the interpreter.\n The results of this study (internal validity) show that hoaxes detected\n by Maldito Feminismo are misleading content that expect to damage\n feminism (this is the main topic of fake news) and have a political\n purpose. These information disorders are displayed in text format and\n are mainly created and distributed on social networks. Moreover,\n although users collaborate and participate detecting and reporting\n hoaxes, the platform Maldito Feminismo identifies, locates and denounces\n most of the fake news.
Palabras clave Feminis; Fact-checkin; Hoax; Disinformation; Gender; Fake news
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