The globalization of the financial markets coupled with the financial crisis, have led to an environment in need of reform that has become the object of study of the Department of Financial Economics and Accounting in a very dynamic field. This dynamism is reflected in a substantial transformation of institutions and of department activity.

The faculty has established a differential teaching style that gives it a great reputation among ex-students, especially the great number of them who have been professionally incorporated into the financial sector in big consulting firms, auditing, banks, etc. Their methodologies and their own programs are an important asset for the University. Composed of a large group of associate professors, it is an extraordinary way world of business.

The research focuses on current problems, whose solution or clarification tries to contribute to the scientific community and business network. The department Works in accounting regulation, credit and its revitalization and social responsibility and its reporting. The results show an average of 7.91 merits of scientific production per full-time teacher, of which 4.36 are articles or books. Their involvement with the business network is very intense –as an average, full-time teachers have 4.09 merits for this concept– and participate in the main forums in our country.

Horacio  Molina Sánchez

Horacio Molina Sánchez


Marta  de Vicente Lama

Marta de Vicente Lama

José Antonio Arcenegui Rodrigo

José Antonio Arcenegui Rodrigo

Rafael  Bautista Mesa

Rafael Bautista Mesa

Ignacio  de Cabo Moreno

Ignacio de Cabo Moreno

Magdalena  Cordobés Madueño

Magdalena Cordobés Madueño

Jesús  Gallurt Povedano

Jesús Gallurt Povedano

Juan Gómez del Pino

Juan Gómez del Pino

Gema Gutiérrez Romero

Gema Gutiérrez Romero

José Manuel  Martín Lozano

José Manuel Martín Lozano

Salud Millán Lara

Salud Millán Lara

Maria Teresa  Montero Romero

Maria Teresa Montero Romero

Juan María Muñoz Tomás

Juan María Muñoz Tomás

Francisco Javier  Ortega Navarro

Francisco Javier Ortega Navarro

María del Mar Ortiz Gómez

María del Mar Ortiz Gómez

Jesús N.  Ramírez Sobrino

Jesús N. Ramírez Sobrino

Mercedes  Ruiz Lozano

Mercedes Ruiz Lozano

Pilar  Tirado Valencia

Pilar Tirado Valencia