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ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0723-876X
Grupos de Investigación: Improving Physical Education, Performance and Health, Loyola Health
Departamento de Salud


In 2016, I got an Assistantship Grant funded by Banco Santander linked to the Biomechanics and Ergonomics for Health and Sports Research group, under the supervisión of Prof. José M. Heredia . In 2017, I got a contract as Research Technical Staff funded by the European Social Fund in the ActiveBrains Project at the PROFITH Research Group. Interested in the effects of exercise on bone health in children with obesity, I started the PhD studies in Biomedicine under the supervision of Profs. Francisco B. Ortega and Luis Gracia Marco. My Doctoral Thesis examined the bone-adiposity crosstalk in children with obesity. Moreover, I did a research stay in the University of Clermont Auvergne where I had the opportunity to investigate the bone-adiposity crosstalk in adults with obesity and learn cutting-edge technologies in 3-dimensional bone assessment, under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Courteix . My Thesis obtained the maximum qualification, Excellent Cum Laude, and the International Mention. During the predoctoral and postdoctoral periods, I worked for the iBoneFIT project (reg: ISRCTN61195625) led by Prof. Luis Gracia Marco and funded by La Caixa Foundation. This project contains two studies that aim at improving bone health in survivors of childhood cancer. My role with the study 1 consisted in drafting the study protocol, performing the participants’ assessments, developing an online exercise program and providing adherence strategies to prevent participants’ withdrawal. In 2021, the study 1 was funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation to investigate some key and novel bone metabolism markers, and I am responsible of managing, preparing and storaging the participants’ blood samples. I have published 18 JCR articles (7 as first author, >70% in first quartile) and 2 book chapters  since 2016. According to Web of Science, these publications were cited 101 times (h-index=7). It is worth highlighting my participation in scientific conferences and informative talks about exercise, bone and cancer such as the European Congress of Sport Science, the Congress of the Spanish Society of Bone Research and Mineral Metabolism and the European Researchers Night. Currently, I work as Lecturer in the Universidad Loyola Andalucía. Moreover, I am developing the physical activity module inside of an mHealth intervention led by Prof. Emma Motrico and funded by the European Research Council.

Artículos o Reviews

Every Move Counts to Improve Bone Health at Clinical Sites in Young Pediatric Cancer Survivors: The iBoneFIT Project.
Marmol-Perez, Andres , Migueles, Jairo H , Ubago-Guisado, Esther , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Rodriguez-Solana, Andrea , Redondo-Tébar, Andrés , Llorente-Cantarero, Francisco J , Labayen, Idoia , Ortega, Francisco B , Ruiz, Jonatan R , Gracia-Marco, Luis
Comparative effects of different types of exercise on health-related quality of life during and after active cancer treatment: A systematic review and network meta-analysis
Martínez-Vizcaíno V. , Cavero-Redondo I. , Reina-Gutiérrez S. , Gracia-Marco L. , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Bizzozero-Peroni B. , Rodriguez-Artalejo F. , Ubago-Guisado E.
A 20-week exercise program improved total body and legs bone mineral density in children with overweight or obesity: The ActiveBrains randomized controlled trial
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ubago-Guisado E. , Migueles J.H. , Cadenas-Sanchez C. , Torres-Lopez L.V. , Martin-Matillas M. , Labayen I. , Ortega F.B. , Gracia-Marco L.
Gene-exercise interaction on brain health in children with overweight/obesity: the ActiveBrains randomized controlled trial
Plaza-Florido A. , Esteban-Cornejo I. , Mora-Gonzalez J. , Torres-Lopez L.V. , Osuna-Prieto F.J. , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Radom-Aizik S. , Labayen I. , Ruiz J.R. , Altmäe S. , Ortega F.B.
Effects of an Exercise Program on Cardiometabolic and Mental Health in Children with Overweight or Obesity: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial
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Is higher physical fitness associated with better psychological health in young pediatric cancer survivors? A cross-sectional study from the iBoneFIT project
Rodriguez-Solana, Andrea , Gracia-Marco, Luis , Llorente-Cantarero, Francisco J. , Cadenas-Sanchez, Cristina , Marmol-Perez, Andres , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Moliner-Urdiales, Diego , Ubago-Guisado, Esther
Determinants of bone parameters in young paediatric cancer survivors: the iBoneFIT project
Marmol-Perez A. , Ubago-Guisado E. , Llorente-Cantarero F.J. , Vlachopoulos D. , Rodriguez-Solana A. , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ruiz J.R. , Gracia-Marco L.
Does fatigue affect the kinematics of endurance running?
Latorre Román, Pedro A. , Soto Hermoso, Víctor M. , García Pinillos, Felipe , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Robles Fuentes, Antonio , Muñoz Jiménez, Manuel , Molina Molina, Alejandro
Effect of exercise on bone health in children and adolescents with cancer during and after oncological treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Marmol-Perez, Andres , Ubago-Guisado, Esther , Rodriguez-Solana, Andrea , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Martinez-Vizcaino, Vicente , Cavero-Redondo, Ivan , Ruiz, Jonatan R. , Gracia-Marco, Luis
European fitness landscape for children and adolescents: updated reference values, fitness maps and country rankings based on nearly 8 million test results from 34 countries gathered by the FitBack network
Ortega F.B. , Leskošek B. , Blagus R. , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Mäestu J. , Tomkinson G.R. , Ruiz J.R. , Mäestu E. , Starc G. , Milanovic I. , Tammelin T.H. , Soric M. , Scheuer C. , Carraro A. , Kaj M. , Csányi T. , Sardinha L.B. , Lenoir M. , Emeljanovas A. , Mieziene B. , Sidossis L.S. , Pihu M. , Lovecchio N. , Konstabel K. , Tambalis K.D. , Štefan L. , Drenowatz C. , Rubín L. , Gontarev S. , Castro-Piñero J. , Vanhelst J. , O'Keeffe B. , Veiga O.L. , Gisladottir T. , Sandercock G. , Misigoj-Durakovic M. , Niessner C. , Riso E.-M. , Popovic S. , Kuu S. , Chinapaw M. , Clavel I. , Labayen I. , Dobosz J. , Colella D. , Kriemler S. , Salaj S. , Noriega M.J. , Bös K. , Sánchez-López M. , Lakka T.A. , Tabacchi G. , Novak D. , Ahrens W. , Wedderkopp N. , Jurak G. , FitBack , HELENA and IDEFICS consortia
Do patients with type 2 diabetes have impaired hip bone microstructure? A study using 3D modeling of hip dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
Ubago-Guisado, Esther , Moratalla-Aranda, Enrique , Gonzalez-Salvatierra, Sheila , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Garcia-Fontana, Beatriz , Garcia-Fontana, Cristina , Gracia-Marco, Luis , Munoz-Torres, Manuel
Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Bone Turnover Markers in Adults With Metabolic Syndrome: The Mediator Role of Inflammation
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Valor científico y práctico de la plataforma Europea FitBack para las y los educadores físico deportivos
Olvera Rojas, Marcos , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ruiz, Jonatan R. , Morrison, Shawnda A , Kovac, Marjeta , Leskošek, Bojan , Jurak, Gregor , Ortega, Francisco B
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3D DXA Hip Differences in Patients with Acromegaly or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency
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The effect of an online exercise programme on bone health in paediatric cancer survivors (iBoneFIT): study protocol of a multi-centre randomized controlled trial
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ubago-Guisado, Esther , Sanchez, Maria J. , Ortega-Acosta, Maria J. , Mateos, Maria E. , Benito-Bernal, Ana , Llorente-Cantarero, Francisco J. , Ortega, Francisco B. , Ruiz, Jonatan R. , Labayen, Idoia , Martinez-Vizcaino, Vicente , Vlachopoulos, Dimitris , Arroyo-Morales, Manuel , Munoz-Torres, Manuel , Pascual-Gazquez, Juan F. , Vicho-Gonzalez, Maria C. , Gracia-Marco, Luis
Effects of Exercise on Body Posture, Functional Movement, and Physical Fitness in Children With Overweight/Obesity
Molina-Garcia, Pablo , Mora-Gonzalez, Jose , Migueles, Jairo H. , Rodriguez-Ayllon, Maria , Esteban-Cornejo, Irene , Cadenas-Sanchez, Cristina , Plaza-Florido, Abel , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Pelaez-Perez, Manuel A. , Garcia-Delgado, Gabriel , Vanrenterghem, Jos , Ortega, Francisco B.
Inflammatory markers and bone mass in children with overweight/obesity: the role of muscular fitness
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Gracia-Marco, Luis , Ubago-Guisado, Esther , Labayen, Idoia , Adelantado-Renau, Mireia , Cadenas-Sanchez, Cristina , Mora-Gonzalez, Jose , Plaza-Florido, Abel , Aguilera, Concepcion M. , Gomez-Vida, Jose , Maldonado, Jose , Jurimae, Jaak , Ortega, Francisco B.
Comparability of accelerometer signal aggregation metrics across placements and dominant wrist cut points for the assessment of physical activity in adults
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Muscular Fitness Mediates the Association between 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Areal Bone Mineral Density in Children with Overweight/Obesity
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Gracia-Marco, Luis , Ubago-Guisado, Esther , Migueles, Jairo H. , Mora-Gonzalez, Jose , Escolano-Margarit, Maria , Gomez-Vida, Jose , Maldonado, Jose , Ortega, Francisco B.
Inflammatory biomarkers and brain health indicators in children with overweight and obesity: The ActiveBrains project
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Effect of carrying different military equipment during a fatigue test on shooting performance
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Orantes-Gonzalez, E. , Heredia-Jimenez, J.

Conference Paper o Proceedings Paper o Ponencia del congreso o Abstract de un congreso

Sarcopenia y baja densidad mineral ósea en niños y adolescentes supervivientes de cáncer: El Proyecto iBoneFIT
Mármol Pérez, Andrés , Ubago Guisado, Esther , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Rodríguez Solana, Andrea , Redondo Tébar, Andrés , Llorente Cantarero, Francisco J. , Pascual Gázquez, Juan F. , Martínez Vizcaíno, Vicente , Ortega Acosta, María J. , Muñoz Torres, Manuel , Ruiz, Jonatan R. , Gracia Marco, Luis
22/11/2023 - 24/11/2023
Ponencia del Congreso
Marmol Perez, Andres , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ubago Guisado, Esther , Molina Hurtado, Jose Ramón , Ruiz, Jonatan R. , Gracia Marco, Luis
21/06/2023 - 23/06/2023
Ponencia del Congreso
Evaluación de la salud ósea en supervivientes de cáncer infantil
Pascual Gazquez, Juan F. , Marmol Perez, Andres , Rodriguez Solana, Andrea , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ortega Acosta, Maria J. , Gracia Marco, Luis
01/06/2023 - 03/06/2023
Ponencia del Congreso
Determinantes de la salud ósea en supervivientes de cáncer infantil: El proyecto iBoneFIT
Marmol Perez, Andres , Ubago Guisado, Esther , Llorente Cantarero, Francisco J. , Vlachopoulos, Dimitris , Rodriguez Solana, Andrea , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ruiz, Jonatan R. , Gracia Marco, Luis
02/02/2023 - 03/02/2023
Ponencia del Congreso
Asociación entre la condición física, la autoestima y la ansiedad en niños/as y adolescentes supervivientes de cáncer
Rodriguez Solana, Andrea , Ubago Guisado, Esther , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Gracia Marco, Luis
19/05/2022 - 21/05/2022
Ponencia del Congreso
Asociación entre la maduración somática y la salud ósea en niños y adolescentes supervivientes de cáncer: el papel mediador de la masa magra. Resultados preliminares del estudio iBoneFIT
Mármol Pérez, Andrés , GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Ubago Guisado, Esther , Rodríguez Solana, Andrea , Llorente Cantarero, Francisco JesúsJ , Pascual Gázquez, Juan Francisco , Ortega Acosta, María J. , Gracia Marco, Luis
22/10/2021 - 23/10/2021
Ponencia del Congreso
The association between adipokines and bone mass in children with overweight/obesity: the role of muscular fitness
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Gracia-Marco, Luis , Ubago-Guisado, Esther , Migueles, Jairo H. , Plaza-Florido, Abel , Maldonado, José , Escolano-Margarit, Maria V. , Gómez-Vida, José , Ortega, Francisco B.
28/10/2020 - 30/10/2020
Ponencia del Congreso
Marcadores de inflamación y masa ósea en niños con sobrepeso y obesidad: el rol del fitness muscular
GIL COSANO, JOSÉ JUAN, Gracia Marco, Luis Andrés , Ubago Guisado, Esther , Cadenas Sánchez, Cristina , Mora González, José , Ortega Porcel, Francisco Bartolomé
26/06/2019 - 28/06/2019
Ponencia del Congreso
Ejercicio físico y salud ósea
28/09/2018 - 28/09/2018
Ponencia del Congreso

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Regulating bone metabolism through exercise in paediatric cancer survivors (REBOTA)
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 01/09/2021
COVISTRESS: COVID-19 impact on Physical Activity, Sedentary Action, Psychological Emotion and Stress.
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 11/03/2020
FITBACK - The european network for support of physical fitness monitoring systems of children and adolescents
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 01/01/2020
Improving bone mass in paediatric cancer survivors
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 01/01/2020
Efecto de la ingesta moderada de cerveza en la salud física de esquiadores recreacionales
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 15/03/2017
Exercise in the prevention and treatment of obesity and insulin resistance: Smart analysis-smart interventions
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 30/12/2016
Effect of backpack loading on biomechanical parameters of locomotion in infantry soldiers and its relationship with body composition and physical state
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 01/09/2016
An exercise-based randomized controlled trial on brain, cognition, physical health and mental health in overweight/obese children
Fecha de inicio del proyecto: 01/09/2015

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