Specialization and skill development

Postgraduate studies In Loyola Andalucía are held in its Loyola Masters. The formation is oriented toward specialization and the development of skills, key aspects for the professional future of young people in today’s labor market. All of the Master’s Programs in Loyola Masters are official and recognized throughout the whole European Union, and are also endorsed by the quality evaluation agency ANECA.

But doing a Master’s in Loyola Masters is much more than acquiring specialized knowledge. It means developing critical skills needed for professional performance, and putting them into practice, skills like those of leadership, of negotiation, communication, and innovation, capacity for entrepreneurship and people management. In this sense, the Leaders for the World program (“Lideres para el Mundo” (LPM) ) – a degree offered in this school and developed transversally in all the Master’s Programs  - plays a fundamental role. 

Furthermore, employability is another of the differentiating features of the educational offer in the postgraduate school; in fact, the employability rate of the Master’s students is 92%.

In short, Loyola Masters offers education that is comprehensive, based on knowledge, skills and values, having an international vocation and with cutting-edge teaching methodologies and technology.  The aim is to prepare tomorrow’s professionals, new leaders, excellent people who want to transform the world.


Marta Pérez Viguera

Executive Director

Joaquín García-Tapial Arregui

Associate Dean of Business

Manuel Novo Foncubierta

Associate Dean of Law

Javier Lozano Delmar

Associate Dean of Communication & Education

Fernando Delage Carretero

Dean of International Studies

Luis Morales Márquez

María del Mar Maestre Espejo

Academic Postgraduate Program Manager

Patricio Sánchez Fernández

Postgraduate Controller and Senior Program Manager

María Delia Mengod Ibáñez

Susana Giraldez Miura

Postgraduate Program Manager

Pilar Ocaña Rodríguez

Postgraduate Program Manager

Sonia Seara García

Postgraduate Program Manager

Alberto Fernández

Postgraduate Program Manager

Fátima Yaque Rubio

Miriam Ramos Varas

Romina Mahtani

Postgraduate Program Manager

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