High Level Specialization in Tax Law

Program of High Specialization in Tax Law (In collaboration with the Institute of Fiscal Studies)

Professional practice in the field of taxation has to coexist with a degree of legal uncertainty arising from the complexity of tax legislation and the continuous changes it undergoes.  This reality is particularly evident at the present time since tax policy is becoming a key factor in the economic policy of European Union governments, meaning that legislative modifications are even more frequent

In addition, the speed with which new legal and economic realities appear in a globalized and highly independent world often hinders the inclusion of all these new economic and legal occurrences in tax laws. In this context, there are constant problems in interpreting the rules and qualifications of facts and situations in the professional practice of these tax offices and for the departments in charge of fiscal issues in leading companies in our area, thereby generating great uncertainty.

To reduce and mitigate this uncertainty, a great problem for tax professionals who have to offer  their clients security and trust, spaces are needed where these professionals can get the most recent information about problems that arise, about how they are being dealt with and where the main lines of resolution lie.

To meet these needs, Loyola Executive and the Institute of Fiscal Studies jointly organize this program of High Specialization in Tax Law.

This programme is for professional advisors and executives responsible for the business taxation area. The program will include a small number of participants to enable a fruitful exchange of views and opinions between the speakers and students.

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