A Specific Design for Each Organization

A specific design for each organization

1. Comprehension

  • Analysis of the strategic needs and priorities of the company in its environmnent
  • Study of the client’s company, surroundings and challenges
  • Interviews with the client’s stakeholders (managers, potential participants)
  • Searching for possible partners for Loyola Executive º

2. Identification

  • Goals of the organization
  • Goals of specific learning areas for the target chosen
  • Key results of the program
  • Key factors for successfully transmitting a  high degree of learning
  • Design
  • Co-creation LEE- Client of the program and contents, format, duration
  • Definition of learning methodologies
  • Selection of the most adequate teaching staff
  • Forming the teaching staff in organizational culture

3. Dedication

  • Presentation of the program
  • Placement Management
  • Participants’ Admission Interviews
  • Execution of the Program
  • Coordination of clients, participants, teaching staff and administration

4. Evaluation

  • In each model, evaluation carried out with participants, teaching staff and clients
  • Refining of the program
  • Evaluation of the program
  • Follow-up and evaluation

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