Leadership Development (PLD)

Program for Leadership Development (PLD®) (ESADE-Loyola)

The main aim of the Program for Leadership Development (PLD®) is the comprehensive development of knowledge and skills for participating managers, to allow them to substantially progress in achieving their professional challenges.

Our experience has shown that the PLD of ESADE-Loyola accelerates the professional development of those executives who seek a global perspective of management.

The Program for Leadership Development-PLD will enable you to:

  • Understand the keys of your surroundings as well as the effects that these external factors have on the running of the company
  • Obtain a strategic global vision of general management, and a focus of implementation based on leadership.
  • Know the key functions within organizations and how they are interrelated.  The PLD is a program of multisectorial and multifunctional participation where the participants are beneficiaries of a great wealth of experience and ideas from other industries and areas within the company.
  • Develop direct competences individually for efficient team management, the exercise of leadership and making winning decisions.
  • Acquire skills and tools for the management of change in order to successfully carry out the decisions taken.
  • Procure access to a professional network of over 48,000 alumni and a forum for debate and reflection on the concepts of management, both during the program as well as after it

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Once you have completed the Application form online, you will receive an e-mail with a link to generate the pdf application.  Please send the resulting application to . Later the admission team will contact you to set a date for the admission interview.


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