Why choose Loyola Executive?

Why choose Loyola Executive?

An investment that will afford you with great benefits

In Loyola Executive, let us be your allies in making organizational change possible. Our programs transform the perspectives of managers who are making their business grow.

Transversal training of managerial skills and values

These are two critical aspects for a manager’s balanced development, to really be able to contribute more value and become a true leader. Loyola Executive’s training in “value skills” is the linchpin for the people’s development and is what their contribution to society is based on.
Practical and applicable training:  ROI guaranteed in the short term.

Loyola Executive responds to the challenges facing your Company or organization.  We prepare professional teams to face new challenges, revise strategic initiatives and transfer into action all they have learnt in the program when they get back to their jobs, with a guaranteed return on their investment in training

Methodology and Advanced Didactic Development

Through the use of simulators, discussion-study of cases, role playing, mental maps, business games, action learning projects, team building, coaching, mentoring, job rotation, the use of management tools, outdoor training, team projects, lab courses, etc., the participants learn how to integrate and apply the knowledge acquired to their professional activity.

A Faculty of Excellence

The teaching staff has ample professional and teaching experience, both nationally and internationally, and a great deal of teachings to transmit and enthuse managers.

Domestic and international network of partners

Loyola Executive collaborates with the best national and international academic and research institutions for the development of training programs.  Among them are ESADE, IQS, Deusto, Loyola Chicago University, Georgetown University, Santa Clara University, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Río de Janeiro, The  University of the Pacific in Peru or the Iberoamerican University of Mexico.


The link to the business world

Many companies have entrusted the training of their professionals to Loyola Executive, as is the case of Abengoa, Deloitte, Repsol, EGMASA, CEPES, Hojiblanca, Ybarra, Cajasur, CECA, CEA, Vodafone and Alestis, among others.  There are, moreover, numerous companies and institutions that collaborate in Loyola’s training program. 

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