Expert in Mediation and Conflict Resolution Program

Mediation is an up and coming profession because it avoids the need to go to court to resolve a conflict. The professional mediator is responsible for directing the parties that are in conflict along a road that leads them to look for a solution on their own, and with the philosophy that they, the parties involved, are attributed the success of having reached the agreement.

With the Expert in Mediation and Conflict Management you will receive the training necessary to sign up to be included on the Ministry of Justice Register of Mediators, according to Law 5/2012, and on the other Registers of Family Mediators in the Regional Communities.

The objective of this programme is to train professional mediators in this alternative method of resolving conflicts, according to Law 5/2012 and its ruling on development and complementary norms for family mediation in the regional communities.

  • To be familiar with and put into practice the different alternative techniques that are means of managing conflicts.
  • To know what mediation is, and the principles that should guide the whole process of conflict management in public and private areas.
  • To practice the necessary skills to successfully carry out a mediation process.
  • To enable professionals from different branches of knowledge, to work as mediators so that they can successfully accomplish their professional development.

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